Finding a happier healthier you

Are you ready to release physical, psychological and/or emotional pain that you know is impacting on your life and is sapping your vital energy, preventing you from living life to the full?

Do you want to learn to live the life you truly deserve by becoming more comfortable in your own skin, connected and present?

Change and transformation are possible when you open your heart and mind and start to listen to and trust your own innate intelligence and wisdom.


Trusting your own healing process


Acknowledging your needs

The past 18 months have had a huge impact in many different ways.  It has made many of us reassess what is important in our lives and has prompted us to make changes to reflect our new way of being.

If you have become more aware of physical, emotional or psychological tensions or pains that are starting to have a greater and greater impact on you or those you love, or you simply feel overwhelmed, stressed or run-down, it could be the incentive you need to seek some extra help and support to get you through.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle but potent touch-based therapy which offers a patient, respectful, and person-centred approach to health and wellbeing.

It supports and facilitates your body's own innate intelligence and desire to seek balance and harmony helping to release stress, psychological, physical and emotional tensions held within, which stop and impede the natural flow of health.

It brings a clarity and awareness both of which provide the opportunity for change and transformation.

Please contact me to find out more information and make an appointment.


Yoga and Meditation

Wake up your senses. Feel alive and vital, move with more freedom.  Feel more connected and present in your life. Learn to respond to stressful situations, rather than react. Develop ways of supporting yourself through movement, breathing practices and meditation.

Gill runs a fun and inclusive class which is open to those who are new to yoga, have an already established practice or are wanting to return after a break.

She believes that real progress can be made if you are willing to open your heart and engage in your practice in a non-judgemental way with honesty, integrity and self-compassion.

The class has a lovely combination of movement (Vinyasa Flow), static postures (Asana), breathing practices (Pranayama) and meditation.

Group Class

Tuesday 7 p.m. Vale School, Worthing BN14 0DB

Please book directly through Gill

One-to-one tuition is available

Please contact Gill for more information

Please contact me for more information regarding one-to-one tuition or group classes.


About Gill

Flow is life

Gill helps others live a life of joy, flow and freedom whilst developing the strength, resilience and resources to meet the challenges, that are all part and parcel of life, with grace and equanimity.  These qualities inform and guide her as she focusses on helping clients improve their own level of health and happiness.
The beauty of both yoga and Craniosacral Therapy is that they bring awareness and clarity and as such provide us with the opportunity for change.
Since 2001, Gill has embraced her own process of personal growth and wellbeing.  She supports and resources herself by staying connected with nature, playing the cello, having regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions, practicing yoga and enjoying family life.
She is a Registered Member of The CSTA and The Yoga Alliance UK and abides by their Standards of Ethics and Codes of Conduct.



"If you want the moon,
do not run from the night.
If you want the rose,
do not run from the thorns.
If you want love,
do not run from yourself."



By appointment only
Free parking
Beautiful treatment room situated in the South Downs National Park


I can honestly say hand on heart that going to Gill’s yoga class was the best part of my week ...and I’ve got a great life!. She is very friendly and personable. She is very calm and has a beautiful gentile spirit . I always felt amazing when I left the class. I felt very relaxed but also recharged for the week ahead . She gives individual attention where needed and adapts postures to suit everyone’s level and capabilities...her classes were always restorative and grounding . I would thoroughly recommend going to Gill’s yoga classes .. I never missed them even on my birthday !! She is an amazing yoga teacher ..Joanne Smith 

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