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The Power of Touch

When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything - Lao Tzu

For me, BCST is sacred work.  The respectful and simple act of carefully-negotiated, unconditional touch and connection with another human being is hugely powerful.  The enforced periods of isolation and physical disconnection from our friends and loved ones, during the pandemic, have heightened our understanding and awareness of how important touch is to us in relation to our overall wellbeing.

Life brings many experiences.  Some experiences, accidents, illnesses or loss etc. can be too overwhelming to deal with at the time, so we literally ‘hold’ ourselves together until such time as we have the energy, resources, wherewithal and/or desire to process them.  Subconsciously, these (energy-consuming) holding patterns become habitual and it’s only when they start to pile up one upon another and impact our lives, that we begin to accept that our health, and ultimately our spiritual self is suffering and needs help.

By connection through the body, BCST brings these patterns into conscious awareness so they can be processed, integrated and held in a less energy-consuming way.  BCST offers touch in a way that helps encourage feelings of comfort and safety, which enables us to reconnect with who we truly are and gives our system an opportunity to reorganise and come into balance. We experience clarity, insight and transformation.

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