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Practicing Yoga to get better at life

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Wake up your senses. Feel alive and vital, move with more freedom.  Feel more connected and present in your life. Learn to respond to stressful situations, rather than react. Develop ways of supporting yourself through movement, breathing practices and meditation.

Gill runs a fun and inclusive class which is open to those who are new to yoga, have an already established practice or are wanting to return after a break.

She believes that real progress can be made if you are willing to open your heart and mind and engage with yourself in a non-judgemental way with self-compassion, honesty and integrity.

The class has a lovely combination of movement (Vinyasa Flow), static postures (Asana), breathing practices (Pranayama) and meditation.

Group Class

Tuesday 7 p.m. Vale School, Worthing BN14 0DB

Please book directly through Gill

One-to-one tuition is available

Please contact Gill for more information

Yoga: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
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