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About Gill

Flow is life

Gill helps others live a life of joy, flow and freedom whilst developing the strength, resilience and resources to meet the challenges, that are all part and parcel of life, with grace and equanimity.  These qualities inform and guide her as she focusses on helping clients improve their own level of health and happiness.
The beauty of both yoga and Craniosacral Therapy is that they bring awareness and clarity and as such provide us with the opportunity for change.
Since 2001, Gill has embraced her own process of personal growth and wellbeing.  She supports and resources herself by staying connected with nature, playing the cello, having regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions, practicing yoga and enjoying family life.
She is a Registered Member of The CSTA and The Yoga Alliance UK and abides by their Standards of Ethics and Codes of Conduct.

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