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What to Expect

During a session of Craniosacral Therapy, you remain fully clothed.  A session lasts for a 1 hour.

Great care is taken to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to settle into when you arrive.  You can remain in a chair or lie on the treatment couch, depending on your needs on the day.  It's important that you feel at ease.

BCST is a gentle touch-based therapy but touch can evoke strong reactions, so each session proceeds with care and consideration to your needs. BCST works because our bodies have the ability to communicate and co-regulate each other in subtle (and not so subtle) ways, therefore direct touch is not always necessary and in some cases may itself be too overwhelming at the start.  Simply being in the presence of a grounded and spacious practitioner may be all that can be tolerated on a certain day.  Any touch that may be given is carefully negotiated and is only ever made with express permission and consent.

In BCST, contact may be made with various parts of the body, not only the head and sacrum, as the name implies, but as mentioned before, it is never given without consent.

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